Stain stick testing

Ages ago, I ran across an idea that intrigued me--making soap specifically designed for removing clothing stains. After doing some research on what would make the best recipe, I tried them out for myself awhile ago.

For my oils, I used tallow, a traditional ingredient, as well as coconut oil, which is a good cleansing oil. I also added borax for an extra boost and then something you might not expect—kerosene. I did a little research and discovered that some long-used name brand laundry bars contain a similar ingredient. And just a few days ago I happened to be looking through an old cookbook and read a tip that suggested rubbing a stain with straight kerosene. So it's not such a crazy idea after all.

I used a couple of ice cube trays to make the sticks and had just enough left over for a small bar. Here is how they looked after I unmolded them. They are so white--I love how they look!

There is a definite odor about them, however, but it does fade somewhat, I just realized. I used to be able to smell them as soon as I walked into my soap studio, but now I have to pick them up and actually sniff them to catch the odor. I do wish that the scent would completely fade!! It completely disappears in the laundry, unless of course, you grate up an entire stick and add it to your washer......but that was a different experiment. (And successful, just kerosene-y.)

And then one day I wanted to test them out in a different way. So I grabbed a very stained machine shop t-shirt out of the hamper and couldn't help but be a wee bit creative with my test. As you can see below, the stain stick works! And ever so much better than my laundry detergent, wouldn't you say? It's a clean shirt but the only parts that actually look clean are the parts of my giant smiley face.

He laughed in a confused way and called me a nerd when he saw his shirt, but I would prefer that my mister not wear this anywhere where someone could see my bizarre "artwork" so I am going to have to take my super stain stick to the rest of this shirt soon. But yay!! A success!


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