To keep myself out of mischief...

...I have a new hobby! A friend of mine recently cleaned off the candlemaking shelf in the shop she owns and very generously gave the supplies to me. She was so cute, saying she knew I liked crafts and wanted "to see it all go to a good home." Now I know absolutely nothing about candles! And honestly, I had never been curious about them until now, although there is a lot of crossover between the crafts of making candles and soaps. Maybe it has to do with the scents, since they are interchangeable? I've begun poking around at the topic, mostly checking books out of the library. I have to say that it's all a bit intimidating--so many different wicks, waxes, and unfamiliar terms. Last week I got a book on chandling for the absolute beginner from the that's my speed! I'm excited to begin experimenting, probably after Christmas. I like the idea of enjoying some of my favorite scents any time, not just when I use some lotion or soap. And I couldn't help it.....I also got a book on making liquid soaps, shower gels, etc. and one on herbal home spa products, so my brain is nearing overload with so many different ideas!


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