So long, cardboard!

I just thought I'd show off the wooden mold my mister built for me last weekend. It's my first wooden log mold (with a few more promised!) Up until now I've been using cardboard boxes of the right shape. I'm not complaining, since they have worked well--they're cheap (free!) and sturdy. I have made hundreds of bars with my current "set" but they are beginning to bow and look their age. I was so excited when he gave it to me that I dropped everything to make a batch. He was interested in seeing how it worked out for me, too. It was a complete success. It's the perfect size for a 1 oz. sampler of fragrance oil and so easy to line! I love it!!
I decided to make a goat milk soap, scented with Sweetgrass. It smells like the country in the spring to me, sans the manure-y overtones, of course!

This is the first of four batches I made this week, with another one planned for today. Happiness is a new mold!


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