My new soap mold liner

Now that I have my handy-dandy wooden molds, I want to come up with a different way to line my molds. I've been using freezer paper, but it takes me awhile to get the liner cut just right, and it's just one more item on my shopping list. So after some thought, I decided to try a reusable lining, quilter's template plastic. (I have a vague memory way, way back in some dusty corner of my brain of having seen this done before, so I take no credit for any perceived genius-ness.)

 I found sheets of plastic template material at the fabric store, and with a coupon, it was only a couple of dollars. After cutting it, I used masking tape on the outside of the "seams." This taping lasts many uses. 

 Then I tape it on the sides like so.....

And pop it into the mold! I now have to add a little tape to hold the sides flat, since discovering that in time, putting it in the oven WILL eventually warp it, even if the oven is on very low. Also, I still brush mineral oil on the lining just as I did with freezer paper.

And since an empty mold isn't that exciting, here is the batch of soap I made. No sense letting a nicely lined mold sit around empty!
I'm pretty happy with this liner. I've used it about 15 times now and except for some minor warping, it doesn't show any signs of wear and cleans up great. I even slice my soap right on the base and it doesn't have any nicks or knife marks yet. So if you're looking for a new way to line your molds, give this a try!



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