Oat milk soap #2 (or) This shouldn't be so hard...

I thought this post needed alternative titles, a la The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

I made a second batch of oat milk soap, this time bypassing the scents and colors.  As you can see from the pictures, it still has a funny texture.  Not bad, but not completely smooth, either. 
I used oat milk for more than half my liquid this time, adding it at trace and it didn't have the curdled texture at pour.  But it's still puzzling to me.  I've been soaping with milk longer than any other liquid, and oat milk isn't even true milk, but a blend of oats and water.  This shouldn't be complicated!  I'm wondering if the high olive oil amount contributed to the texture?  I will find out, because this oat milk thing hasn't seen the last of me!  The feel of the soap is totally worth it.  And just maybe, someday, I'll master this stuff.  Or weird textures will become my trademark.


  1. Hi! I don't know if it would be because of the Olive Oil. I have made 100% Olive Oil soaps, and many of my soaps have 60% olive oil and they are very smooth. Could it be the heat? I am often puzzled by bumpy soaps as well... what makes some smoother than others? Keep us posted! xo Jen

  2. Most of my soaps are at least 40% olive oil, but this one was 70% and that, combined with too warm of a gel, perhaps, contributed to the look? I mention high olive oil content, because my salt bars (high coconut) and laundry soap (high tallow) never have this issue....so far, anyway! :) It's just my current theory.

  3. I wonder how hydrolyzed oat flour would work? It dissolves in water and I've used it in lotions and a body wash at 1-2%. I think your texture is pretty!

  4. I'm also curious if you gelled or not. Some people have said heat can cause the TD marbling. Maybe putting it in the fridge might help????

  5. I second putting it in the fridge. Whenever I put certain batches in the oven I get these bumps but in the fridge it's smooth every time. Lately I've been just throwing a blanket over my soaps as there isn't room in the fridge.

    It still looks like a wonderful creamy bar of soap.



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