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Another Christmas soap, this one called Sugared Spruce. This batch gave me fits but, suprisingly, it came out just as I wanted it to.

When I added ultramarine coloring to get a grap-ey purple, the soap mixture turned gray. So I added more. More gray. So I turned to my grape pop mica, which made it turn an army, pukey green-gray. In desperation I added a sprinkle of alkanet root powder. I was convinced that this was going to be the ugliest gray-green-purple ever. But it was getting so thick that I had to put it in the mold so I could push down my little Christmas trees. I was delighted to find the soap came out a gorgeous purple and the two shades of green were nearly identical!

I have two bars on my kitchen counter and it's giving my whole kitchen a sweet, pine smell...mmm...


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