Peppermint Candy

I think this is my favorite batch of the season. I usually put my cut bars in the cupboard to cure, but I've let this one remain in my studio so I can admire and smell it whenever I'm working.

After some thought, I chose to make peppermint disks to dress up the bars over peppermint sticks. And this is how I did it without a round mold or a tube (which seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.)

I first poured soap in my little square silicone mold which I thought would give me better, circular swirls than a slab mold would.

Commandeering yet another kitchen item, I used a teeny ornament cookie cutter to cut out disks.

Love it! I also used my favorite Christmas cookie sprinkles on the top. The miniature candy canes even taste like peppermint. (I realize, this feature is now meaningless, unless of course, you are choosing a soap to wash out a mouth....mmm...a soapy, minty fresh mouth...)


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