Why do I blog?

This was a writing prompt question for NaBloWriMo participants a few days ago and it got me thinking. Yes, why do I blog? It certainly is a valid question. Most people write for an audience. It's not necessarily my reason, although knowing that someone reads it occasionally is a nice feeling! Anyway, here are my three reasons for blogging...

1. I am a soaper. It allows me to keep a handy visual record of my experiments and efforts. It enables me to network with others in the soaping community, see what's new, and find sources of inspiration. I also appreciate the feedback that is given and shared to help us all excel at our craft. And, it gives me an outlet to be a smidge self-indulgent at times and say "Hey, look what I made! Can you believe it actually worked?" (And, of course, the reverse..."Help!")

2. I am a writer. Or a wannabe, at least. (Besides, I need to keep my bullet points consistent.) Since childhood I have wanted to write and publish my own magazine and a blog is a modern, more financially realistic alternative. I've dabbled in free-lance and proofreading work and until I return to it more seriously, a blog is a handy way to keep the little corner of my brain set aside for writing all limbered up. (Unfortunately, it hasn't prevented me from the occasional grammatical mishap, as noted in the previous sentence, which strikes me as being wordy and on the verge of a run-on. My apologies.)

3. I am a reader. I love blogs. Just love 'em. It's fascinating to browse blogs and obtain glimpses into the lives of strangers, often identified only by a one inch square picture and a first name. I would like to meet these people, who have taken their own wee slice of the web and shared their knowledge and passion on every conceivable topic with an anonymous audience. I've learned an incredible amount just by reading blogs. The least I can do is join in on the party and record a few of my experiences and return the favor. I hope I have.


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