I am a Zibbeter.....Zibbeteer??

...Zibbeteur? I'm not really sure what I'd call myself, but I'm a big fan of an online venue called Zibbet. Zibbet is a website for artists and crafters to sell their handmade items. Only a few years old, this site based out of Australia is taking on the more established venues like Etsy and Artfire and doing pretty well, besides!

I like it for several reasons. It's new. It's not as well known as places like Etsy but it's fun to be on the ground floor of something potentially big. With fewer sellers, it's easier to be seen. There are about 30 times the number of soaps for sale on Etsy compared to Zibbet. And I like the choice of a free or premium account and neither option has listing or selling fees. There is also an active community page with sellers more than happy to give other sellers advice and encouragement.

At the moment, I sell most of my products in person and am not focusing on the online side. Even so, I find it helpful to have a place where people can browse to see what's available before buying directly from me. (That being said, I am woefully behind in updating my shop and have been selling out of batches before they make it to my Zibbet shop.) Another goal for this next week....

But if you are thinking about selling online, I highly recommend Zibbet!


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