A Glance Behind....

The end of 2011.  It certainly had its challenges. which gives me a greater anticipation for a change.  Bring on 2012! 

As you know, I'm doing a thorough overhaul of my little soap studio.  My latest task has been going through every little box of soap that I've tucked away--soaps that were ugly, lost their scents, or for some other reason were too good to throw out, but not so good to be eagerly used.

Enough's enough.  Some soaps just had to go, like the lavender salt bars that had perspired in the humidity of the summer and left a sticky mess or the experimental wine/chocolate fragrance blend that smelled more like vinegar than anything else.

But there were many pleasant surprises.  The batch of Black Raspberry Vanilla that was supposed to be pink with white and black swirls.  The pink vanished almost immediately and I was so disappointed.  Look at it now!  I love the look.  And it still smells perfect.

And another nice suprise--lavender castile.  The scent has completely faded in the unpackaged bar but I love the rustic, ashy look it now has.  And the best part?  I made it April 5, 2010 so it is cured to luxury status.  (I'll be saving the last two bars for myself.)

And now I have lots of empty shoeboxes that need filling.  ;-) Here I go!


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I did something very similar and went through my hidden stashes of soap. Something I have discovered is that my very first oil blend recipe ages amazingly well! Have a wonderful 2012 xxx

  2. Happy New Year Amy!! I turn all my not-so-perfect soaps into laundry detergent!! Keep the posts coming! xoxo Jen

  3. It's an unscientific way of testing soaps, but like you, I've always made some interesting discoveries, T! And thanks for the tip, Jen. I just tried it this morning, and so far, so good. :-)


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