My New Mold

My Mister (Extraordinaire) has been busy lately.  He made a mold for guest-sized bars and I was able to squeeze in a little time this week to try it out.  I love it!

 I scented the batch with a lavender fragrance oil.  It's a new one for me, but so far I like it.

Each bar weighs about an ounce--you can see how teeny they are next to a regular-sized bar.  I think I'm going to be making a lot of these in the future--they are so darn cute!


  1. What a gorgeous mould! Hubby is certainly a keeper Your little bitty soap is so cute xx

  2. Yep--a keeper for sure! I should have posted a picture of the mold itself. It's made from walnut and beautiful on its own!

  3. So cute in miniature! Those would be great shower favors...:)

  4. They'd make great favors and I'm also thinking of packaging an assortment of them together as a sampler...wouldn't that make a good gift?


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