Hollandale Craft Show

Last weekend was my last craft show of the season.  It was held in the little bitty town of Hollandale, WI, but with 35 vendors, crafts for the kids, and a visit from Santa, it was a busy place!  The more shows I do the easier it is to get ready, but I always get a little stressed the night before, making sure that I have everything I need and have prepared enough products....and the "right" products, at that.

Craft shows are funny things.  There is always one item that is popular and that popular thing changes with every show.  I sold out of solid lotion bars within a few hours during one show recently and soap mats flew out during another show.  But the Hollandale show was a little different--the fragrance was "the thing."  Anything raspberry-vanilla scented was the hot item.  There must have been some talk (or, "the hens were clucking" as the Mister said), because a few customers weren't perusing the tables, just asking right away for the raspberry-vanilla stuff.

But the best part of a craft show is getting to talk to people.  (I mean really, getting to spend hours and hours yakking?  How easy is that?)  Sometimes it's chatting with a regular customer looking for a favorite soap, checking out another handcrafter's work, talking shop with a fellow soaper, or introducing someone to the superiority of handmade soap.

Craft shows are unpredictable things, but I really enjoy them.  And coming home with fewer boxes, like I did over the weekend, makes for a happy me!


  1. Great job! Your display looks wonderful. Would love to see a shot of the whole thing. I'm done for the year too-- just taking what I have left to work tomorrow for coworkers to pick over...

  2. Thanks, Helen! I realized when I went to post pictures that I forgot to take one of the whole display--I was trying to take pictures between customers and didn't get to it. The best part of the end of craft show season? Building up the inventory again! :)

  3. Your display looks so in the holiday season! I was just thinking I want to see the whole table, and with you in it too! LOL

  4. Congrats on your success :) I've been doing shows for 9 years and it changes from year to year and from show to show. You always have to stay on top of trends and figure out each year what customers want. It never gets boring that's for sure. I had my last show this past week-end as well and it feels good to now be able to focus on experimenting for the new year.

  5. Sounds like you did well and enjoyed yourself at the same time. It's what it's all about, isn't it? Congrats!!! xo jen


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