Makeover in Progress (and a Soap)

 I've come to the realization that this soaping thing is getting Very Serious, and I am in need of more space.  My work table is becoming more of a storage table and my actual work space is getting smaller every day.  I'm not the only one that noticed.  Lookee at what the Mister did in my soap room this week!
a coat closet that has held totes of cake pans for several years


I'm still arranging and re-arranging everything and filling up my new shelves. I've heard rumors of another shelf project and I plan on repainting the room so it should fit my needs better and look great for my upcoming year of soaping!

And finally, one of my last batches of the year, newly cured.  It's scented with China Rain and I only have a couple of bars left--most of them were spoken for when I made it.


  1. Amy, I have learned that the space for soaping is never enough! I have taken over a whole bedroom and organize it at least twice a month. I may sleep on the floor of my studio while my son sleeps in his room but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

  2. Hee-hee! You are SO right Melissa! I've already taken over the downstairs kitchen (my soap room) and two closets around the house. And I've really tried hard to be careful about what I buy, knowing I have to store it. But I wouldn't have it any other way, either!

  3. How exciting to get shelves and have your own special spaces for everything! Your China Rain soap is beautiful xxx

  4. It IS exciting to be able to expand (and fill up my new shelves)! ;D


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