A sweet tradition

The empty shelves in the grocery store baking aisle? My fault.

Once a year every December, my kitchen becomes the sweetest, warmest, most popular place around. This year was no exception as a few friends and I got together for a day of serious Christmas baking.  Everyone brought ingredients for a few of their favorite treats to make together.  It's a rough job, let me tell you!  Not only do we have to sample everything for quality control purposes, but we share lunch, spend hours chatting and listen to Christmas music.  Oh, and we slave over two hot stoves.  But we buckled down and got it done in one afternoon.
frosted flake wreaths

Oreo truffles

My mister and his little buddy hung out and watched football while we baked.
Our work filled an eight foot long table, making our next job dividing up the bounty.  But now we all have plates and plates of Christmas goodies to share with our neighbors and guests over the season.  And maybe a little for ourselves, too. 


  1. Awesome! That spread looks fantastic. Enjoy eating all those goodies xx

  2. Yum,sounds like you had a fun day and got to do lots of taste testing. :)


  3. Yummy! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. I'm in total agreement - sounds fabulously fun!! I think you may have inspired a baking day with my girls once school gets out. :)


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