Nemesis no More

I've always loved soap curls.  Yes, they're delicate and dainty and look really cool embedded into a loaf of soap.  But I've had curl envy mainly because I couldn't figure out how in the heck to make them.  I would occasionally decide that "this time I was going to conquer the soap curl."  And invariably it was a bust.

Well, the urge struck again last week and with some leftover soap batter, I made a bar just for curls...or as most people would eventually refer to them, chunks.

Here is my usual "curl."  And manually rolling them up results in a lumpy, clunky not-really curl. 

In desperation--oh joy! oh rapture!--I reached for a different, but though very similar, vegetable peeler.  Perfect, beautiful curls!  It wasn't my incompetency after all!

And then I had to go and ruin my curls by putting them into a batch of soap.  But that's a whole 'nuther post.  Maybe.


  1. Love those curls - well done.

  2. I'm curious of the end result with the great Curls of soap.Good job!

  3. On my list to try! Thanks for sharing this technique!


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