"Faux" faux funneling

I love this scent, a citrus blend, and make it regularly.  But I pulled myself out of my green and yellow rut with this batch.  It also marked my return to the faux funnel method.  I knew I was headed for trouble when my soap thickened up as I was still mixing colors.  It got thicker by the second, but I was determined to keep to my plan and doggedly whacked my funnel "pours" into the mold, using a little more force each time and holding my cups of soap higher and higher to mimic a poured look.  And with a fair bit of whacking of my poor wooden mold on the cement floor, I managed to work out most of the bubbles.

But it worked.  And I am so pleased with myself.  My stubborness usually results in another round of examples for the "How Not to Soap" reel.  Now to avoid getting Saponification Cockiness...


  1. "Saponification Cockiness", lol...love it. They turned out gorgeous!

  2. Hmmm...I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has experienced a similar cockiness??!! :D

  3. Gorgeous! You get as cocky as you wish... you deserve to xx

  4. It looks great, love the colours.


  5. Your soap turned out beautifully! Love the colors and the glitter on top. I recently did a faux funnel pour, too, and my soap thickened up on me. It was more of a "plop pour," but it turned out well.


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