This week's soaping challenge is all about piping soap.  I have my scent all picked out and once I put my soaping room back together I can get going on it.  But speaking of piping, I thought I'd share a picture of some decorating I did last week, but with real icing.  I wanted the decorating on the wedding cake to match the invitation and by golly, it did.

OK, now, time for some SOAP!!!!!


  1. that's gorgeous...what talent!!

  2. Hi Amy, just gorgeous!
    You are very talented.
    And very patient.

  3. Stunning, what a gorgeous cake. Congrats on such a great job.


  4. Absolutely stunning! The piping on these cakes is incredible! I cannot wait to see your piping on your soap!

  5. Thanks for your nice words, everyone. Although I'd rather make a batch of soap than just about any other craft, sometimes it's nice to play with icing for a change.


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