Yes, I was a bum..

...and skipped last week's soap making challenge.  I had the best of intentions with my batch planned out but just couldn't fit it in during the week.  So I decided to make it on Saturday afternoon after the farmer's market ended but by the time I got home, I just collapsed and took a nap instead!  And I'm not even sorry.

Truth be told, I wasn't as keen on this challenge as I've been on others even though I decided at the beginning of the year that I would work on experimenting with blends.  Oddly enough, this "always ready to experiment" girl doesn't like to mix up her fragrances.  I think blended essential oils are exquisite but I never seem to have the variety or quantity in stock to do a lot of experimenting outside of my few go-to blends.  And I'm fussy about my fragrance oils.  If I thought they needed tweaking, I wouldn't have liked them so much in the first place.  It's just messing with a good thing.  But thanks for the kick start, Amy, to remind me take a few (hesitant) steps out of my box.  I actually came up with a simple blend of fragrances that will make a lovely raspberry lemonade soap for this summer (to be soaped soon!).

Speaking of essential oils, alas and alack, I have to order some peppermint e.o. soon.  I've had this bottle for (ahem) awhile now....

Actually, this is a gen-u-ine, circa turn of the century bottle from Bramble Berry and it's seen me through scads of herbal experiments.  A little goes such a long way that I thought it would last forever....sniff...


  1. No worries! It's definitely that busy time of year! :) You've had that bottle of peppermint HOW LONG? My best selling soap has peppermint in it, so I go through quite a bit! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next challenge! (Even I'm not sure if I'm going to make a new soap, or just do the lazy thing and say, yep I've done this before!)

  2. I've had it since about 2000, 2002?? Not quite sure. I actually haven't used much peppermint e.o. in soaps, until I discovered a rosemary-mint blend that I really like. Before that I've just mainly used a drop here and there in herbal steams, lip balms, etc. I'm going to be using a lot more of it in the future!

  3. I use peppermint in one of my popular facial soap. It's a blend of rosemary, lemon & peppermint. Even though the % has to be very minor not to dominant in the result, peppermint can be very comfortable EO. I also drop a little bit in my blend for ultrasonic nebulizer to help the aroma. It's a great EO :)

  4. A rest is not being a bum. We all need recharge sometimes. I did last weeks challenge, for the first time!

    The smell is amazing. The soap is a tad ugly! LOL!! The scent is going in my line, tho.

    Fresh Ginger, Grapefruit, lime, and a lot of the best coconut FO I've found. The mix is sassy and very unisex. Oh, I forgot the Litsea to anchor. I don't much care for Litsea Cubeda. It does have it's uses. I hot processed the batch and it got too hot. Learned a valuable lesson, and made a fabu scent.


  5. You know you're tired when a nap trumps soap! :)

    Both of your essential oil blends sound amazing. I definitely need to experiment with them more.

  6. That is an older bottle. ;) But I'm glad that you are using Peppermint more often, it can be a challenge to use some of the stronger smelling EO's but it is such a reward when you make a blend with them and it smells so yummy!


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