Now at a zibbet shop near you...

I've recently added some new soaps to my zibbet shop:

Raspberry porter, made with beer (of course) brewed here in Monroe...
sweet pea, as you remember, one of my challenge soaps...
And anise.  I've never really had a strong opinion about anise one way or another, but this simple anise essential oil soap won me over.  It's so spicy and refreshing!

And a funny thing happened recently.  A super fun lady named Ann taught my sisters and me how to applique.  That's not exactly the funny thing, but it was a good time... I fell in love with the technique and made myself this messenger bag which I now use all the time. 

Someone happened to be passing by as I was showing my bag to a friend and this complete stranger asked me to design one for her.  So I made one.  And then another.  And then a couple more (because I have nothing else to do, you understand...snicker...)  I've put a couple of the bags I've made in my soap shop for now--what do you think of them?  I don't know if I should combine soap and bags into one shop, or even how far I will go with this accidental venture, but who can have too many creative outlets?  That's a rhetorical question, Mister, I'm not asking you to answer that!


  1. Hi Amy, especially love the Anise soap, just how it lookswith a pure colour white.

  2. Amy, I love your messenger bag. I myself have several of them, in different color & sizes. It'd be all good to have your thing in your shop. That's where the creativity should be treasured. Keep on going girl :D

  3. Cute, cute, cute!! (addressing the soap) How long does it take to applique the messenger bag? It's cute too! :)

  4. Your soaps look fabulous! I super love the Raspberry Porter and the Sweet Pea, they are so adorable!

  5. Love the sweet pea soap, I've started a shop on zibbet too but have a long way to go adding products.



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