Just for fun soaping....alone

I've always been resistant to the idea of toting a cell phone with me at all times, ready for everyone that "needs" to get a hold of me this minute.  It makes me feel like a toddler with his ever-present pacifier.  As a result, the general rule is that somehow my phone is anywhere that I am not.  Take the recent voicemail my sister left me,"...so where did you leave your phone this time?" (Good question.  Answer: outside, on top of the grill.)

And then there was a few days ago....  The Mister called me from his work, followed by a text.  When he didn't get any response, he called several more times.  By 11 o'clock p.m., he became worried and called the neighbor who dashed over in her jammies to check on me.

Geez Louise.  She found me oblivious to the fact that I'd left my phone upstairs for hours.  I was soaping!  I was having a nice evening in my soap haven, making a just-for-fun batch.

I tried a brand-new recipe, using way different proportions of my usual oils.  I also added pumice to this batch.  I've had a jar of it that's been haunting me for about two years now.  While I didn't add enough to get the Lava soap effect, I now have a benchmark for future batches.

I scented it with a fragrance sample called Redwood and Cedar from a now-defunct fragrance company.  Oh my goodness, is there a company out there that can create its own version of this scent?  Please?  Pretty please? 

So...I'm not convinced I'll like this recipe, I wish it had more pumice, I'm really not thrilled with its spotted texture--in short, I'd like a second take of this batch because it was kind of a downer.  But at least I enjoyed a quiet, relaxed evening and I've got some dandy air fresheners!


  1. I think your soap still turned out lovely, Amy! Love the marbled effect, and the fragrance sounds wonderful. It's such a bummer, though, when you find out that your new favorite FO no longer exists. I've had a few of my favorites discontinued, but I always find new ones to love. :)

  2. My husband says, "I have no obligation to stop my life, to answer a ringing phone, unless I am on call. Same for pages, e-mail and other of technologies advances."

    This from a man who would be first in line to put a chip in his head and become merged with a computer, if possible. So, sometimes, you got to let it ring. Lyes out, phones off. No ring, no issues :)

    If someone needs to get a hold of u that badly, they can call my husband at work. If they are that close, they will have his number there.

    :) No answer da phony!!!! Live your life!!!!! It's not a leash. I'm getting on a high horse aren't I? I'm very short, too.

  3. I like your high horse, Nancy! :)

  4. What on earth did we do before cell phones?? My kids still get on my case about not knowing where my phone is. Deal with it, I say!

    I like the look of this soap, wish I could smell it. What did you use to colour it?

  5. I find your soap rustic and beautiful! Lovely colours combination, Amy!


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