When a latte meets a stain stick

So...have you been waiting impatiently to hear about my farmer's market experience this week?  What predicaments could possibly top last week's?

Well, it was all rather anticlimatic.  The repaired tent didn't budge a bit, the temperature didn't climb higher than 95 and I had my largest sales of the entire summer.  So sorry to disappoint you all.  There was one incident, however, that made the day memorable.  A woman carrying a gorgeous iced latte topped with whipped cream had a sad accident while trying to juggle it, her wallet, and some lotion. The puddle of latte missed all my soaps and products, but still made a substantial mess.  Had I been any decent sort of salesman, I would have snatched up a bar of laundry soap and started a sales pitch for them as the handiest, dandiest stain sticks ever.  But since I'm not and didn't even think of it until hours later, I just assured her that she had caused no real damage and that it would be fine after a washing.

Still, the poor dear was mortified. I embarrased her further when I had to hunt her down at the other end of the market to give her the lotion she had purchased and left at my table in the excitement. 

I forgot about the coffee-stained cloth until the following day.  What a perfect scenario to confirm one of my favorite products!  I dug the white cotton sheet out of my market box, wet the splotches, and rubbed it down with the bar.  No stain has ever smelled so delicious.

Ever the quick thinker, I snapped a picture of the fabric midway through my spot treatment.  And this is only part of the stain, since the cloth had been folded in half.
Immediately after rubbing it on, I put it in the washer, and added a cup of my homemade laundry detergent, (made of the same laundry soap, grated and melted, boosted with some borax and washing soda.)

And here it is on the line.  There is nary a hint of the latte and no bleach was necessary!  And now my tablecloth will be my farmer's market laundry soap demo.  Want some of your very own? Click right here.


  1. GREAT story - Amy, can you set up a pictorial flyer (as you did here with the progressive pictures) and display it at the Market - and use as a hand-out for more of your products?????

    Grandmother Carolyn

  2. Can your products be mailed to Australia? I sooooooo want to try some!

  3. I thought of that, GC! Pictures tell so much....Hugs to you, too!

    Of course they can, S.S.Inc! And you reminded me that I owe you an email or two....xxx

  4. Wow...not a trace anywhere!!

  5. What a great endorsement for your product! I think Carolyn's suggestion to use this story as a testimonial is brilliant! :)


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