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Blog views galore!  Over the summer, but especially in the last few weeks, I've noticed a distinct increase in the number of hits to my blog.  I must honestly say that I have no idea why; perhaps I'm writing something that people want to read?  Or maybe they've simply stumbled onto it wending their way to something better for all I know.  And from all over the world, too!  How humbling to think that people in gorgeous, far-flung locales paused long enough in their sophisticated, savoir faire exploits to read my occasional blathering.  (If I were you, I'd be sightseeing or nibbling on local cuisine instead.)  But many thanks!

Let's can I wow all of you today? ....oh, the pressure of it all.....oooh, oooh....wait, I've got it!!  And this should wow you, actually, because it's not about me.

This spring I participated in a soap making challenge, coordinated beautifully by Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks.  At the end of the challenge, some of us swapped soaps with each other.  I sent my favorite soap of the challenge to Kim of Honeydew Soap Shop.  I love my soaps, of course, and a lot of people encourage me by their enjoyment of them, but to send soap to someone who knows soap, who formulates and tests and appreciates a good bar is a whole 'nuther matter.  But she was nothing but kind....and she liked my soap!!

Now Kim, I must say, blew me away.  I returned home from vacation to find a package with two mega bars of her challenge soaps.  Lovely, lovely, lovely.  Besides being beautifully packaged, the bars themselves are a work of art.  Just look!  They make my soap dish so colorful and they smell just divine.
Using Kim's soaps reminded of a suggestion I once received from a customer.  He advised me to use inferior quality oils in making my soap so they would dissolve faster and he could begin using the next bar sooner.  While I could only scratch my head at that comment, I'm impressed by how long-lasting her bars are and I understand how he felt, because I was anxious to finish one to begin using the next.  (I cut them in half so I get two turns with each!) The bar scented with China Rain contains rice bran oil, a new oil to me (you inspired me to buy my own to play with, Kim) and the Lemon Sugar bar is absolutely luxurious with both cocoa and shea butter.  In fact, my skin still feels lotion-y soft since my bath today!

So Kim, if you find the whole medical field thing just isn't doing it for you, might I suggest another career path for you?  Let me know if you ever open your shop up to the public, and I'll be there.  Thanks again!  And thank you, Amy, for a fun challenge!


  1. I enjoy Kim's blog, too, and her soaps look great! Both soaps are gorgeous - I especially love the swirls in the Lemon Sugar. Sounds like the soap swap was fun!

  2. How adorable, such great colors! I love the effect at the top of the China Rain bar. Great job Kim!

  3. Those soaps look so luscious! The colors of the honeydew soap is just so perfect. I'm curious about the rice bran oil, I must try some in soap!

  4. Kim's soaps make me want to use more color. I've never attempted an aqua color myself, but she did it well.

  5. The colors are so intense and make the soap just pop! She did an incredible job. :)

  6. Hi from your newest follower, I've found your blog via a post on the Bramble Berry FB page and look forward to have a look around your blog.


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