Givember and a giveaway

This fall, Bramble Berry contacted me and told me that they enjoyed my blog. (Aww--thanks!) I was then asked if I would like to do a soapy project using some Bramble Berry products and then write about it on my blog. Hmmm. After pondering such a silly question for approximately 1.5 seconds, I began contemplating my project. The possibilities were nearly overwhelming, but didn't take me long to choose a project, however--it just jumped out at me.  And what was my chosen project, you ask?  I'll show you tomorrow and the three days after that.

the arrival of the Bramble Berry project box
But in the meantime, I will share this with you so you can get a jump start on your ordering.  (It takes me forever to make an order for soap supplies.  I start off with my list of absolute needs, then I browse, add "maybes" to the list, daydream, watch the "maybes" become needs, check my budget, which leads to editing, order, and while I wait for my order to arrive, I remember all that I forgot.)  Multiple orders wouldn't be so bad this month, actually.

Anyway, any orders from Bramble Berry through the month of November--or Givember, as its known as this year--will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate IF you include the code GIVEMBER50 with your order.  In addition, there are more reasons to check out Bramble Berry's Givember festivities this month.  Do project newsletters, free label templates, and free samplers tickle your fancy?  Look for more details right here.

And now about the giveaway.... A lovely young woman, whom I have enjoyed getting to know through emails, did a review of some of my products recently.  In addition to a review, she is also orchestrating a giveaway of a few of my favorite products.  You can enter here.  You can also follow her blog, Eden's Evaluations, so you can read about other product reviews and more giveaways.


  1. Wow you are so lucky and the packaging of your box of BrambleBerry goodies looks great.

  2. I know--it was like getting a present!

  3. Thank you so much for participating, Amy! :)


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