Mixing it up

So what have I been up to lately?  Besides ignoring my blog, that is?  Ahem, about that....I can tend to throw all my attention to one or a few things to the neglect of everything else.  But in this case, my primary focus has been madly soaping and oh, have I been busy!  (Taking pictures as I go obviously has not been a focus!)

Here are just a couple of the batches that I did get around to taking pictures of, however.... 

I'm a literalist when it comes to coloring soaps, but I've been making a conscious effort to avoid some of the expected colors for a change.  So for the first time, I made a batch of Energy (Bramble Berry's citrus blend) that wasn't in citrus-y colors like yellow, green, orange, and pink.  I am in love with this mustard/lavender combo! 

The lavender as the main color didn't come out as strongly as I'd hoped and turned gray in this batch of Black Raspberry-Vanilla.  But I'm okay with the black/white/gray mix for a change (although I did make a second batch with my usual pink, so I have lots of this scent!)

I have stacks of stuff to share with you in the coming weeks, including a grapefruit essential oil soap update!


  1. I love these colors, are very autumnal.
    Much Love,Claudia.

  2. Both soaps are gorgeous, Amy! I like the yellow/purple combo in the Energy soaps, too, and that is such a nice scent. The Black Raspberry Vanilla looks great, too. The color is nice, and I like the embeds.

  3. Thank you both! I see more creative coloring in store for me... :)

  4. They are both lovely, I really like the BRV!

  5. They are both beautiful! I love the colour combination from the 1st soap and the purple-grey colour you got with the second soap is so rustic.

  6. Both are pretty! I love the colors together of the Energy one..very beautiful. The balls in the br-v one just reminded me that I have some soap balls stored away, lol. I'm nervous to use them for some reason!

  7. I really love the lavender/golden combo too Amy...both are beautiful soaps!

  8. What great color combos! I love the gold and lavender. :)

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out!

  9. So much fun, your soap! They make me grin all the way down here south of I-80

  10. Thanks, everybody!

    I don't know if it's some irrational fear I have, Kalla, but I always use embeds within a day after I make them. I just don't like the idea of combining cured soap with uncured and not knowing what will happen when part of the batch shrinks with curing.

    Your compliments make me smile all the way across the border into WI, Donna! :)

  11. Hi Amy!
    The purple and yellow is a beautiful combination and it looks great in your soap.
    It happens sometimes - the color doesn't come out as we have imagined it but it is still beautiful, eye-catching.
    I love the colors of the soaps above.

  12. Not knowing what you'll end up with is part of the fun of soapmaking, isn't it, Maya? :)


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