Farmer's market in review

My first summer vending at my local farmer's market ended a couple of weeks ago.  And it was an adventure!  Besides being fun, and profitable, it was also educational:

While I've thought the recent encouragement of "shopping locally" was a good and even obvious concept, being immersed in it over the summer gave me a new perspective and appreciation for a very old tradition...a practice that should never have changed.  Through the market, I was introduced to another locally-owned business--a really lovely store--Wild Flower Collectibles, who asked to carry my soaps.  I love supporting people, not businesses, if that makes sense. At a farmer's market, I can talk to the people from my own community that make and/or grow what they sell.  They have a knowledge and passion for their work that is non-existant in a retail store. And I learned so much besides this. I swapped recipes, gardening tips, heirloom beans, kombucha starters and stories galore with customers and vendors. And it wasn't even so bad during slow times--it gave me more time for visiting. :)

And the shopping--I miss that tremendously!  Here is one treasure that I bought this fall.  Looks like a beached seal, doesn't it?  It's actually a 25# plus banana squash and I have it on good authority from another vendor (a lady who knows pretty much everything about gardening and canning) that it tastes like a finely textured pumpkin.  With 16 quarts, I should be able to make all the pumpkin recipes that I've been pining to make this fall!  It lent a slightly disturbing touch to my kitchen, though, I have to confess; giant orange bananas were not the motif I've been going for.

Besides all the produce I lugged home weekly, (because apparently I didn't grow quite enough of my own?)--I'd been eyeing these handmade shopping bags most of the summer and was able to snatch one up before she'd completely sold out of them!  Now I can take this snazzy bag with me when I shop instead of the tacky one that badly needed to be retired.

I do have some tweaking and rethinking to do over winter, however, to make next summer even better.  This weekend begins the winter market, once a month all winter.  I'm grateful for the break from a once or twice a week market, but by next spring I will be SO ready to be back outside at my market stand.


  1. I'll have to visit you next summer at your market stand!

  2. I'm glad that the farmer's market was such a great experience for you, Amy! And congrats on getting your soap into a local store. I've never heard of banana squash before. If you can't eat it all, you can always put it in soap! ;)


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