My newest project

It all began when I received my copy of Soap Crafting by Anne-Marie Faiola.  I cozied down under my quilt that night and paged though the beautiful pictures and recipes.  It was such a simple luxury--turning real pages in a real book.  I didn't have wait through a hiccup until the page loaded, I didn't have to click anything, and best of all, I didn't have to look at a screen.  It got me thinking.

There are HEAPS of fabulous sources for information and inspiration on the internet, and as rapidly as new techniques and supplies keep appearing, it's an effective vehicle for the constantly changing soap world.  I've noticed the explosion myself in my 3-ish years of blogging, to the point that it can all get a little overwhelming.  (And admittedly, in writing this blog I am piling on more--such as it is.)

some of my recent reading

But this is not so much about a criticism of the online soap community, but instead, an arousal of my interest in books on soapmaking.  It's not a topic that I've never explored, on the contrary, it was a small paperback book on making milk soaps that first got me and my mom started.  But that was a long time ago.  I checked out all the books my local library had on the subject.  Then I began searching and ordering soap books through the inter-library loan system, sending librarians all over the state digging through shelves to find their dusty, rarely checked out books and giving me plenty of reading material.

Inspired by all the different ideas I've been reading about, I've decided to incorporate at least one of them from every book that I've checked out into a soap project.  Then I'll post my little soapy exploit onto my blog, along with a review of the book.  Winter is my slow time, so this is a perfect time for me to expand my knowledge and skill base.  Woo-hoo!


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