Loofah Soap with John McGivern in Monroe, WI

If you don't live in the midwestern United States, you may have not heard of the show Around the Corner with John McGivern...yet.  But it's hugely popular in Wisconsin and the surrounding states and the interest is growing!  I can't say enough to praise the whole crew and thank them for all the work they put into the program.

Last April I was contacted and asked to be on an upcoming episode that took place in the town in which I live, Monroe.  I agreed (gulp) and the filming took place in June and some more in September.  The show finally aired last night, even though I got to see it a few days earlier.  So here it is....

And there you have it.  Maybe you should vacation in Monroe this year?  You'll certainly be well fed, well entertained, and of course, if you swing by for some soap, very clean. 


  1. Wow, we now have two celebs in the family!

  2. That was great! Nice of you to let him help out with the soap making. ;)

  3. This is a lovely video about Monroe. Your part was great and you should be proud!
    I want to visit now.


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