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My first tallow soaps

So here are the first two soaps I made with my own rendered tallow. I love the results!! This first one is scented with mango papaya, which to me has a sweet, orangy scent. I only bought a teeny bottle of the scent but I'll be buying more of this one. The goat milk contributed to the peachy color I was hoping for, which is now turning more tan. Lilac. I'm usually skeptical about floral scents; they never smell like the real thing and are notorious for accelerating the soaping process too fast. This one really smells like fresh lilacs and behaved perfectly for me. I'll be using this scent more in the future, too. I also used some of the tallow to make bird feeders with my niece, mixing melted tallow with peanut butter and bird seed. I just hung it up last night and haven't had any "customers" yet, but I keep checking. They'll find it soon! I still have some tallow left, and hope to make some more soap tonight.