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Spring time soaps

Spring will be coming soon or maybe it's already here....I'm not quite sure yet.  I enjoyed a beautiful weekend with temperatures in the 70s and woke up to snow and temperatures in the teens on Monday morning.  But with daffodils and hyacinths popping up and Easter only a few days away, this girl's fancy has turned to spring time soaps.  Here are a few that will be at the upcoming market here in Monroe and listed soon in my Zibbet shop. A new fragrance in my line-up, but I'm certain it will be well-received.  And I'm already looking forward to making another batch, because it soaped beautifully! Cucumber Melon I was getting requests for this scent way back in February!  This spring's batch came out just as I'd pictured it in my mind. Honeysuckle It's a rare, sad day that I don't have this soap in stock--Lemon Poppyseed Scrub.  I'm glad other people like it as much as I do.  I add a bit of rosemary essential oil with the lemon scent