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Report from the farmer's market

Monroe-- The day dawned overcast and cool this past Wednesday, leading residents of the small Midwest town to conclude there was little chance the weather report was right.  It wouldn't reach the forecasted high of 100 degrees and the weatherman would have to cough up a free umbrella to a viewer for flubbing on his "4 degree guarantee." Amy, owner of 10th Ave. Soapworks and vendor at the local farmer's market, enjoyed the early morning hours out in her garden.  The morning went so smoothly that she even had time to make up a batch of soap and try out her latest lip balm flavor, pina colada, before packing up for the market.  For the first time since June, she expected to enjoy a farmer's market day that was less than 100 degrees.  As she toted boxes of soapy delights to her car, she noticed the temperature had risen dramatically during the noon hour.  Our enthusiastic saleswoman remained remarkably undaunted. Until she reached the Square, that is. The therm

Eucalyptus Blossom, take 2

There's just something about this warm, herbally fragrance that needs a natural coloring.  No loud, bright swirls and glitter with this one.  In my last batch , I used all parsley.  This time I used a dusting of black cocoa powder to separate the top layer of dried parsley from the bottom layer that contains a smidge of titanium dioxide.  I didn't use a mortar and pestle to finely grind the parsley this time; I just sprinkled it in before incorporating it in with a stick blender. Mmmm.  Happiness in a bar.

Just for fun soaping....alone

I've always been resistant to the idea of toting a cell phone with me at all times, ready for everyone that "needs" to get a hold of me this minute.  It makes me feel like a toddler with his ever-present pacifier.  As a result, the general rule is that somehow my phone is anywhere that I am not.  Take the recent voicemail my sister left me," where did you leave your phone this time?" (Good question.  Answer: outside, on top of the grill.) And then there was a few days ago....  The Mister called me from his work, followed by a text.  When he didn't get any response, he called several more times.  By 11 o'clock p.m., he became worried and called the neighbor who dashed over in her jammies to check on me. Geez Louise.  She found me oblivious to the fact that I'd left my phone upstairs for hours.  I was soaping!  I was having a nice evening in my soap haven, making a just-for-fun batch. I tried a brand-new recipe, using way different proportio

The girl behind the soaping goggles

As you know, my online soap shop is on a site called Zibbet.  This week I was chosen to be the featured Zibbeter. (woo-hoo!)  I thought I'd share my interview with you all in case you wanted to know a little bit about Yours Truly.... Here 'tis! Featured Zibbeter interview