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Time Marches on...and so did March

Now that we're well into the second week of April, I think it's about time I step back and see what happened during the last month...whew. I didn't do any markets or shows this month, so things were pretty quiet on the soap front. I worked on updating the rest of my soap labels and started re-designing the labels for the rest of my products. March is my birthday month and we usually celebrate it with an adventure of some kind. We decided to go a little over the top this year, and instead of an overnight getaway trip in the area, we left our midwest winter that looked like this-- and traveled to Texas, as far south as we could go without a passport. Folks, it was warm down there. Balmy, even. It felt good after a long winter. So close! The rock on the left side of the Rio Grande River is Mexico. This little roadrunner acted as my tour guide, leading the way down the path to the river.  "Sing ho for the open highway! Sing ho for