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Soap-inspired jewelry

Today there was a small package waiting for me in the mail. I love mail time--each day is a potential suprise! (Most days I could do without the "surprises" I receive but I am ever hopeful.) However, I didn't recognize the address in the corner, which made me even more excited. As it turns out, my package was from a woman that enjoys using my soap and this spring, came over for a day to watch me make some. She has a business called Cute Bread and makes the most delightful dough jewelry. Loree has sold this intricate art all over the country. She made me a pin, a set of earrings and a necklace. I was so surprised! She used two bars of my soap for this pin, and copied each bar, down to the tiniest detail! She modeled these two pieces after my oatmeal soap. If you look carefully, you can see the oatmeal-like texture. Aren't they all beautiful? Thank you so much, Loree! I LOVE them!

Ginger Peachy

Another scent from Nature's Garden. This was one of my favorites out of the bottle. It's taken on a slightly different scent now that it's soaped but I still like it. It is spiced peach, not obviously ginger, which gives it an almost mango-like scent to me. It's rather mild, so I think I'll increase the amount when I buy a larger sized bottle--and I do like it enough to buy it again! ....and besides the scent, I love the way the batch turned out, if I do say so myself!