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Super-Duper Loofah

Yes, another blog post about my loofahs!!! I thought I'd show you a picture of just one of the enormous loofahs in my garden this year. If you can believe it, I was afraid that I wouldn't get any loofahs at all this summer. The plants I sprouted and transplanted to the garden both died, so I replanted in late spring. As you can see below, the vines grew like crazy, taking over grapevines, pole beans, and cucumbers, and even now in late September, there are new yellow blossoms all the time. It wasn't until late summer that I found some little loofahs had finally begun growing, but they are already much, much bigger than last year's crop. In case you wondered, I'll use many of my loofahs to make a foot scrub soap. ....And after this harvest, I probably won't have to grow any more loofah for a year or two!