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Festive Soaps, round 2

I've always been the type that wants to do everything from scratch.  No mixes, no kits,no shortcuts. So I have always resisted melt and pour soaps.  I've seen some absolute works of art done with MP soap that can't be done with the cold process method, yet I've still held out and claimed that it wasn't for me. Some time ago, I was contemplating a soap project that involved recreating desserts in soap and I just couldn't think of a way to get the effect I needed with using melt and pour.  (I still need to do that project, but it's pretty low on the must-soap list these days.)  So I added a one pound block of MP to a soap supply order and tucked it away in a cupboard for nearly a year. I had been thinking of making little CP bells for this batch of soap, but stalled, thinking of all the work of making multiple batches, since I only had one mold.  And then one day I remembered the block of soap hidden away.   As an aside, a high quality melt and pour

Festive Soaps, round 1

Fall and Christmas soaps are my favorite soaps to make. It doesn't hurt that it's my favorite time of year, anyway!  There are so many good fragrances and endless sources of inspiration.  Peppermint Bark--I was inspired by the dessert look of this soap  to make a Christmas candy themed soap. Minty chocolate deliciousness!  I think I'll have to guard this soap against hungry children . Cranberry Chutney--a new fragrance for me.  I decided that a non-traditional holiday fragrance should have a decidedly modern look.   Sleigh Ride--Christmas contained in 4 oz. chunk of bubbles.  It's spicy and festive and if that isn't enough, I am super pleased at how my swirl turned out. Orange Spice-- This is a remake from last year.  It's an essential oil blend and colored with cinnamon and paprika.   I have a few more batches to show you (and a couple more to make) so stay tuned for Round 2!  Thanks for looking!