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New year, new plans

For the past year or so, I've been mulling over some changes and a new direction for this little soap biz of mine.  Then a few odd little happenings last fall cemented my decision to switch things up a bit. After 9 years, I've decided that I need to take time off from doing shows and markets.  It's not an easy business, packing up and schlepping here and there to peddle my wares every week in the rain, wind, and even snow. So you will not see me at the Indoor Market in Monroe this winter.  However, you will continue to find my soaps and things in all the usual places.  I'll also be focusing more on my online shop, which is right here .  And of course, if you live locally and don't want to be bothered with shipping charges, I'm more than willing to venture out of my cozy warm house to coordinate a rendezvous with you and some lovely little soaps. So, my new plans? In addition to changing up and expanding my online shop, I'll be blogging more here.  So