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Eucalyptus Blossom--with parsley

Well, now that the awards have been handed around and we've gotten all sorts of randomness off our chests, it's back to soap for me. (Have you noticed that I haven't even posted a picture of soap in weeks?!) It's been a big week around here--our computer is back from the shop with a brand-new hard drive, so I get to try out my new label program, and today we said goodbye to three years of dial-up internet. In spite of my dreams of life sans a computer, I have to admit, this wireless thing is pretty spiffy stuff!!! And the digital camera that I thought had bit the dust has come back to life. I thought I'd show you a batch of soap I made not too long ago, using parsley as my colorant. Super easy! And I love the results. After grinding the parsley as finely as I could with a mortar and pestle I added it to my melted oils before adding the lye mixture. I scented it with Eucalyptus Blossom--oh, how I LOVE this scent! What was a bright green has mello