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Herbal Massage Balm

So what are the odds that two girls from the same high school church youth group would grow up and each start a business selling soap? Well, that's what happened to me and my friend Vanessa. I moved to the other side of the midwest after graduation and we lost contact for several years during those dark solitary days before Facebook. She was off and running with her soap venture when we met up years later and I was between my first soap business experience and my current 10th Ave. Soap business.

Fast forward a decade and here I am. Still. I never thought I would be making soap for so long. My little business has evolved and changed over time, as it should. But I'm still here on 10th Ave. churning soap out and making the long-suffering UPS man lug 50# blocks of fat and bulky boxes of lye to my front door regularly.

Vanessa contacted me last year and told me that she was thinking of hanging up her goggles and rubber gloves. However, she had a few fantastic products that her customers would miss greatly and wondered if I would be willing to provide them. She gave me her top-secret recipe with the promise that I would remember her when I became a world famous soapmaker, which of course, goes without saying. I just hope she has a backup plan for retirement.

So folks, I present to you, THE Massage Balm.

It's amazing stuff, folks. Besides being good for massages, it makes a great chest rub when you have congestion. You can also use it as a balm for your shoulders and neck after yoga. And even better, it's made with essential oils and simple ingredients like beeswax and sweet almond oil--no chemicals or artificial ingredients!

And it's available right here.


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